The Twelfth Anniversary Commemorative event of NCRM, the XII NCRM NICHE was held this year on the 22 & 23 October 2017, at the National Centre for Global health and Medicine (NCGM), Tokyo, Japan in academic partnership with Dept. of RM, NCGM, Tokyo, Japan; Dept. of Apl. Chem., Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan; German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ), Cologne, Germany and the Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM), Canada.
This event was held in India from 2006 until 2016, which, this year was held for the first time in Japan attracted 150 delegates from 11 countries.

This year NCRM NICHE had the following Events:

1. Fujio Cup Quiz  - The ONLY exclusive Quiz on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine for Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Medicine attended by 24 teams from six countries who were selected by a two-step online test and a regenerative medicine based assignment among 50 teams from eight countries.

2. Interactive Plenary Session - Interactive Lectures delivered by Internationally Renowned top-notch Scientists and Clinicians in the field of Regenerative Medicine

3. IIDIAS session - The Inter-Disciplinary Interactions and Solutions (IIDIAS), is an academic session in which an original invention on a polymer scaffold was presented as a prelude in brief and original interdisciplinary interactive research work based on the original invention, the BEES HAUS technique was presented.

4. IDC- The Inter-Disciplinary Conclave (IDC), a session in which the FCQ Elites and a select group of Active Knowledge Gaining (AKG) delegates of the NCRM NICHE 2018 serve as the jury to judge the potentials of engineering students working on healthcare applications in an inter-disciplinary perspective. The IDC took place at the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Rev. Fr. Peter Balleis SJ, Head of Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL), Geneva and Dr. Francis Xavier from Boston College, USA presented their work of educating the marginalized and perspectives of physics and chemistry in unravelling the mysteries of biology respectively, in the concluding session.