Nichi-In* Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) is an Indo-Japan academic institute carrying out research, training and clinical applications-protocol development in regenerative medicine, with emphasis on Stem cells, Progenitor cells and autologous adult cells with regenerative capability.

NCRM N I C H E is a day of commemorative events to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine, conducted every year in the month of October.

It is the only Annual Meeting on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine in India, taking place regularly since 2006 in India (2006-2015).

Objectives of the event:
·         To motivate the students by exposing them to potentials of this field
·         To evaluate and develop the skills and capabilities of the young and budding scientists
·         To make more collaborations and exchange between basic scientists and medical personnel

For more information and Participation in the Quiz visit www.fujiocupquiz.org

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