NCRM NICHE 2022 will be held as virtual event on Sunday, 16th October 2022. Keep visiting this page for further updates.

Organizers and Academic Partners

The Hosting Team

Nichi-in Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM)

Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) is an Indo-Japan academic institute, carrying out research, training and clinical applications-protocol development in regenerative medicine, with emphasis on Stem cells, Progenitor cells and autologous adult cells with regenerative capability. NCRM provides a platform for collaboration between like-minded scientists and clinicians in all specialties of medicine where there is a potential for regenerative medicine based solutions.

NCRM has been conducting the NCRM NICHE since 2006 as its anniversary commemorative event. Click here to have a glimpse of the past events. To know more about NCRM Click here.

Dept. of RM, National Centre for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM), Tokyo, Japan

As the core organization in the field of international health care and medical cooperation in Japan, the National Center for Global Health and Medicine conducts research and a variety of other activities aimed at the improvement of international healthcare and medical cooperation. To know more about NCGM Click here.

Dept of Appl. Chemistry, Shibaura Instt of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

The Shibaura Institute of Technology is a private university of Technology in Japan, with campuses located in Tokyo and Saitama. It is the only private technology university in Japan to be selected for the Top Global University Project. SIT aims to foster scientists and engineers who can contribute to the sustainable growth of the world by exposing our students to culturally diverse environments where they learn to cope with, collaborate with, and have ever-lasting friendships with fellow students from around the world.

To know more about Shibaura Instt of Technology Click here.

Academic Partners

German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ), Cologne, Germany

The German Society for Stem Cell Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stammzellforschung or GSZ), established in 2003 brings scientists from around Germany together and has an emphasis on basic research in stem cell biology. The main purpose of the society is to promote stem cell research. In order to achieve this goal the society promotes the stem cell research in basic research and in academic teaching by allocating available funds to support training programs, to organize seminars and conferences, as well as instigating the exchange of students and scientists on national and international level for collaborative projects and resulting publications. The German Society for Stem Cell Research aims at establishing a network of scientists in stem cell research nationwide and eventually offering a platform to provide competent and independent counsel for all questions related to stem cell research.

To know more about GSZ Click here.

Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM), Canada

The Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM) is affiliated with the University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, McMaster University and Queen's University in Canada. It is a strategic training program established in 2002 to develop and implement an educational curriculum in the innovative science of regenerative medicine, which will provide research trainees with the knowledge and skills to compete globally in both academia and industry. NCRM is an Indo-Japanese academic institute and the only partner from India chosen to be a part of TPRM which is based on their academic & research credentials.The TPRM partnership began in 2008 by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was signed between NCRM and Dr. Gary Levy (University of Toronto). NCRM is the first and the only institute in the country to offer this international level comprehensive training in regenerative medicine based on this year's MoU signed between NCRM and Dr. Atul Humar (Director, TPRM & University of Toronto Transplantation Institute).

To know more about TPRM Click here .

Knowledge Partners

Edogawa Evolutionary Laboratory of Science (EELS)

EELS is a new division in Edogawa Hospital group to explore research and take to translational application, evolving modalities of treatment such as cell therapies, gene therapies etc.,

Management Partners

GN Corporation Co.Ltd (GNC)

GN Corporation Co. Ltd., Japan are the Principals of NCRM and their major business interests are Healthcare, Equipment, Regenerative Medicine, Technology Development, Publishing & Promotion, Food supplements, IP Rights development & licensing. GN Corporation Co. Ltd. have been authorized by NCRM to promote their IP rights, proprietary technologies and associated events globally. To know more about GNC Click here.


Genotec was originally a Medical devices distribution company which has now evolved to become a cell based application support and development organization .