Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) 2017 registrations and Poster abstract submissions closed. Delegate registrations are open. Click here for the details


1. Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) 2017 registrations closed.The FCQ Prelims Stage II submission as per the original deadline 1200 hrs Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), on 18th of August 2017 are over. However, a grace period until 1200 hrs Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on the 20th of August 2017 has been given for those who wish to be considered for the FCQ Elite Superior and FCQ Elite Bright category.

2. Poster Abstract Submissions closed.

3. Passive Knowledge Gaining (PKG) events Delegates registration are open.

Delegates can register for attending the NCRM NICHE 2017 event on 22nd October 2017 at NCGM, Tokyo, Japan by following the instructions below.

PKG Event Delegate Registration
a. Students, Faculty, Scientists working in the field of Life Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary and Dental Sciences, Physicians of all Specialities and all those interested in this Evolving Science of Regenerative Medicine including members of the Public can Register as a PKG Event Delegate. PKG Event participants will be able to attend as delegates for the Plenary Lectures, IIDIAS Session and they will also serve as the audience for the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ), Poster viewing session on the day of the event 22nd October 2017 at NCGM, Tokyo, Japan.

b. Delegates have to enrol online.

c. Enrolment is open till 25th August 2017.

d. Upon enrolment you will be provided a Temporary Enrolment Number.

e. Registration confirmation will be done as follows:

Once the final participants of Active Knowledge Gaining (AKG) events (Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Elites and Poster Participants) are selected, based on the availability of seats, we will send you a notification enable you complete the formalities of registration for participating in the NCRM NICHE 2017. The notification will be sent to the email id which you have provided in the enrolment form.