SUNDAY, 16 October 2022

Active and Passive Learning Events

1045 ~ 1100 JST
0715 ~ 0730 IST
(0145 ~ 0200 GMT)

Welcome and Introductory remarks

1100 ~ 1210 JST
0730 ~ 0840 IST
(0200 ~ 0310 GMT)

Plenary session on Cell therapy approach to male urethral stricture

Dr. Akio Horiguchi,
Consultant Urologist & Reconstructive surgery,
National Defence Medical College Hospital,
Saitama, Japan

Dr. Dmitriy Nikolavsky,
Director of Reconstructive Urology,
Upstate Medical University,
New York, USA.

Dr. Suryaprakash Vaddi - (Moderator)
Consultant Urologist & Robotic Surgery Division,
Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad, India.

1210 ~ 1400 JST
0840 ~ 1030 IST
(0310 ~ 0500 GMT)

Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) 2021-Finalist Presentation.                                    

1.Christopher Chandra and Julianne Fay Wahyudi,
    School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Indonesia

2. Vijaya Harini S and Yoghalakshmi Nagarajan,
    Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, India

3.Jeyavarshini B and Deva Roshine,
    Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, India

4.Hasna Firdaus Aryantha and Natasya Emmanuela,
    School of Life Sciences and Technology, Indonesia

5.Vivek Nayak Manibettu and Himanshu Goyal,
    Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

6.Gaurav Kansagara and Dyuti Saha,
    Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), India

1400 ~ 1500 JST
1030 ~ 1130 IST
(0500 ~ 0600 GMT)


Prof. Schuichi Koizumi,
Dept of Neuropharmacology and Glia centre,
Yamanashi University, Chuo, Japan.

Title: Significance of glial assembly in health and diseases of the brain.

Dr. K.Raghavan,
Consultant paediatric Neurologist,
JAICARE, Madurai, India.

Title: Prebiotics, Gut microbiome, Gut-brain-axis & the Brain.

Prof. Dr. Jurgen Hescheler - (Moderator)
Head, Neurophysiology, University of Cologne,