Prof. Masaharu Seno
Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems, Okayama University, Japan

Prof. Masaharu Seno currently works at the Laboratory of Nano-Biotechnoloy, Okayama University. He completed his Bachelors in Engineering and PhD from the Department of Biophysical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. He is a recipient of the Okayama Foundation Science and Technical award, 1995, award, Kudodh Foundation Cancer Research, 1993, Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2004, Center Collaboration Between Industries, Government, & Academy, 2005, Ministry Education Culture, Sports, Science & Technology Sankei Business Eye, 2005 & Excellent Achievement Research award, Faculty Engineering, Okayama University, 2008. Prof Seno's team does research in Biotechnology, Cancer Research and Cell Biology. Their current project is 'Development of CSCs from iPSCs prepared from normal cells'.

Prof. Maria Cristina Nostro
Scientist, McEwen Stem Cell Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto

Maria Cristina Nostro is a Scientist at the McEwen Stem Cell Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. She holds the Harry Rosen Chair in Diabetes and Regenerative Medicine Research and she is a member of the Multi Organ Transplant Program at the Toronto General Hospital.

Her research is focused on generating functional β cells from human pluripotent stem cells.

Her group has defined critical pathways leading to the efficient generation of stem cell-derived pancreatic progenitors in vitro and recently, through the use of a proteomics approach, identified a specific marker that allows the purification of these β cell progenitors. Since 2015, Dr. Nostro has been leading a multi-investigator team aimed at developing novel transplantation approaches for Type 1 Diabetes therapy.