SUNDAY, 18 October 2020

Day 1: Active and Passive Learning Events

1600 ~ 1615 JST
(0700 ~ 0715 GMT)

Welcome and Introductory remarks

1616 ~ 1715 JST
(0716 ~ 0815 GMT)

Plenary Lecture - I

Prof. Masaharu Seno
Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems, Okayama University, Japan
Title: How can you choose the fate of iPSCs and stem cells, Regeneration or Carcinogenesis?: A hypothetical insight.

1716 ~ 1900 JST
(0816 ~ 1015 GMT)

Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) 2020
Final Round Presentations
by FCQ Elites

The presentations will be adjudged for their Content, Presentation style, Scientific merit & Clarity by a jury panel including Prof. Masaharu Seno & Rev Dr Francis P. Xavier.

The scores of all the rounds of FCQ 2020 including the prelims & these presentations will be taken into account to select the winner & the runner-up teams of FCQ 2020

Presentation - I

Juan Dennis Bahrian & Ahmad Syafiq Zuhri
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Title: Vaccine approaches to COVID-19

Presentation - II

Aditya Surendran Menon & Ashish Dinesh Nair
Monash University, Australia
Title: MSCs Vs NK Cells for COVID-19

Presentation - III

Sufyan Ibrahim & Himanshu Yashavanthi Nagesh
Kasturba Medical College, India
Title: Allogenic Chondrocyte implant for Cartilage repair

Presentation - IV

Parichita Mishra & Jangala Jahnavi
BITS Pilani, India
Title: Phylogenetic classification of Fungi

1901 ~ 1915 JST

Joyce & James Till Travel Grant 2020 Awardee's recorded video lecture broadcast

The NCRM NICHE organizing committee is pleased to award the 2020-Joyce & James Till Travel (J2T2) Grant to Dr. Rupesh Kumar Natarajan.

Dr. Rupesh Kumar Natarajan
2020 - J2T2 Grant Awardee (FCQ Elite 2013)

1916 ~ 2015 JST
(1016 ~ 1115 GMT)

Plenary Lecture - II

Dr. Maria Cristina Nostro
Scientist, McEwen Stem Cell Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.
Title: Modelling human beta cell development with pluripotent stem cells

2016 ~ 2115 JST
(1116 ~ 1215 GMT)

Inter Disciplinary Conclave


Rev Dr Francis P. Xavier, SJ.
Rector and Vice President Loyola Campus, India
Title: COVID-19 & Stress Management; Psychological & Spiritual Perspectives

2116 ~ 2145 JST
(1216 ~ 1245 GMT)

Announcement of FCQ 2020 winners and concluding remarks