Prof. James Till

Selection Criteria

The objective of the Joyce and James Till Travel Grant is to invite FCQ Elite Alumni to share their experience on

  1. What made them participate in the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ)?
  2. How did they prepare themselves for the FCQ and what factors do they think made them eligible to become an FCQ Elite?
  3. How did FCQ participation contribute to their career?
  4. What do they wish to share with the current FCQ Elites?

Based on self-nomination applications received, the NCRM NICHE organizing committee will verify the credentials based on the application and the FCQ Elite participation data and contact the applicant to their email id registered during nomination application for further information relevant to the above points to select the Joyce and James Till Travel Grant awardee of that year.

The awardee should be willing to travel to participate in the NCRM NICHE event. For details on the next NCRM NICHE event, click here