Terms and Conditions for the NCRM NICHE 2019 Event

  1. These “Terms & Conditions” govern the NCRM NICHE 2019 event, which is referred to herein as either the “event” or the “NCRM NICHE 2019”.
  2. By applying to attend the event and by accepting these Terms & Conditions, you fully and unconditionally accept and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions (including all terms and conditions set forth in documents/materials referenced (and/or linked to) herein) and all decisions of NCRM NICHE 2019, Agency, and Administrator in accordance with these Terms & Conditions which are final and binding in all matters related to NCRM NICHE 2019.
  3. In addition, entrants, Sponsor, Agency, and Administrator hereby acknowledge the validity (as legal binding documents and evidence) of electronic or digital messages, documents, communications and notifications (including e-mails) generated and/or exchanged among the parties in the framework of the event or as a result of its implementation.
  4. The event is subject to (and all entrants must comply with) all applicable national, federal, state, provincial, territorial, municipal and local laws, regulations, policies and directives.
  5. These Terms & Conditions are presented in English only, and the English version of these Terms & Conditions will be the official document governing this event.
  6. In organizing the event, NCRM NICHE 2019 intends to provide a platform that augments the interaction of scientists and clinicians. It enables them to exchange ideas in order to arrive at synergies while working towards a common goal of discovering clinically applicable solutions for diseases without a definitive treatment to yield relief to numerous patients.
  7. NCRM NICHE 2019 will revolve around amplifying interaction between students and scientists, while providing an exclusive platform for researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators in this field as well.
  8. The event may be changed, cancelled or otherwise modified due to administrative issues, business issues and/or due to problems with, or issues related to, shipping, export/import restrictions, taxes or import duties and other mandatory restrictions that may vary from country to country and from time to time and/or regulations, customs, or other geopolitical matters or events. If any of the above should occur, such information shall be disclosed via a notice posted on the website. Persons who have successfully applied for the event will also be advised via the email address they provided. In the unlikely event that the NCRM NICHE 2019 event is cancelled, travel and accommodation costs will not be refunded.
  9. Official government identification (“Government ID”) with photo to show age and residency such as valid government-issued driver's license, National ID Card, passport or other identification. This Government ID may be requested by an Agency representative when you first arrive at the event to confirm your identity. If you win a prize, an Agency representative will need to confirm your identity against the Government ID, make a photocopy of the identification and send it via email to the Administrator for processing of your prize.
  10. NCRM NICHE 2019 organizing committee reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently the prizes and waivers for the various events due to reasons outside its control (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud). The NCRM NICHE 2019 organizing committee's decision is final in all matters.
  11. The NCRM NICHE 2019 Organizers, including but not limited to the Founders, Committee Members, Advisory Board Members, and Sponsors will not be responsible or liable for any tax, levies and duties applicable in any country on the Awards/Prize money. It is a condition of registration for the event that the recipient of such awards/prizes shall be responsible for your own tax liabilities in respect of entry or the prizes.
  12. Attendees must be 18 years of age to attend the NCRM NICHE 2019 conference and all related events. Requests for any exception must be made in writing to the NCRM NICHE 2019 Organizers.
  13. At its sole discretion, without refund, the NCRM NICHE 2019 Organizersreserve the right to refuse admittance to or expel from the Conference anyone that we determine is exhibiting a behaviour which is disruptive or detrimental to the conference proceedings or the attendees.
  14. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect until terminated by the NCRM NICHE 2019 or its authorized agencies. These Terms and Conditions will be altered/terminated by NCRM NICHE 2019 in its sole discretion at any time for any reason, and may be done so immediately without notice.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the individual is also accepting /acknowledging the event disclaimer which can be accessed here