Active knowledge gaining (AKG) and Passive knowledge gaining (PKG) events of NCRM NICHE

NCRM NICHE is the anniversary commemorative event of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) conducted in the month of October every year, since 2006. It has both Active knowledge gaining (AKG) and Passive knowledge gaining (PKG) events as components.

AKG event:

AKG event refers to an event such as quiz in which there will be an active participation from all the participants before and during the event. Also, the participants need to prepare themselves to be well informed so that during the event they will be able to answer the questions from the selected topics given well in advance.

AKG events of NCRM NICHE include

PKG event:

PKG refers to an event, where there is no mandatory preparation by the participants before the event. During the event, they have to merely be a passive listener to others either delivering a lecture or interacting among themselves.

PKG events of NCRM NICHE include

More information on AKG Vs PKG events and the analysis of the data on participation of the students AKG components and PKG events of NCRM NICHE are available in the following publication

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