Thanking all the FCQ elites, delegates, IDC presenters, speakers, moderators, well-wishers, guests, invitees and co-hosts for your contributions to NCRM NICHE 2018. The pictures will be uploaded soon.

SUNDAY, 21 October 2018

Day 1: Active and Passive Learning Events

Prof. James E. Till
has kindly consented to grace the Fujio Cup Award Ceremony with his message

0820 - 0845

NCRM NICHE 2018 Registration

0846 - 0900

Welcome and Introductory remarks

0901 - 1045

Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Pre-final round

1046 - 1115

TEA/COFFEE and Networking

1116 - 1215

Plenary Lecture - I

Prof. Dr. Jun Hirabayashi
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery (BRD), Japan
Title: An insight into pluripotency and cellular aging through Glycan analysis - Plenary Lecture I

1216 - 1320


1321 - 1530

Finals of the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ)

1531 - 1600

TEA/COFFEE and Networking

1601 - 1700

Journal of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine (JSRM) Oration 2018
Jointly sponsored by German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ)

Prof. Dr. G. Ian Gallicano
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cell Biology, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA
Title: Germ-line stem cells in myocardial regeneration: Secretion of cardiogenic paracrine effectors may be the future

Based on the Article "Re-Defining Stem Cell-Cardiomyocyte Interactions: Focusing on the Paracrine Effector Approach"; published in JSRM 2018 Vol. 14, Iss. 1 - Chosen as the "Article of the year 2018" by the Editorial Board of JSRM

1701 - 1745

XIII NCRM NICHE Commemoration & Honoring of Fujio Cup Elites

1900 - 2100

Edogawa Niche Prize& FCQ Award Ceremony: (Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel)
(The event hall will be open from 1830)

MONDAY, 22 October 2018

Day 2: Active Learning Delegates - Exclusive Program

0800 - 1115

Visit to Premier Institutes in Tokyo, Japan in groups


"GRI *: TWINS Institute #
GR2II-L1: Prof Yoshimi Lab (Chemical Engineering) Shibaura Institute **
GR2II-L2: Prof Yamada Lab (Radiation Transfer Systems) Shibaura Institute
GR2II-L3: Prof Horie Lab (Bionic Communication Engineering) Shibaura Institute

* Entry badge will have the code assigned for each delegate
# Twins visit group will assemble in hotel lobby at or before 0830AM for departure by a chartered bus
** Shibaura Institute- three groups will assemble in the 2F foyer of the institute at or before 0930AM

1301 - 1420

Oral Presentations by Japanese Scholars from multi-disciplinary fields working on Healthcare Applications

1421 - 1530

Presentations by select FCQ Elites on thought provoking answers written for FCQ Prelims II

1531 - 1550


1551 - 1700

Just Beyond Medicine (JBM) I Oration
Sponsored by JBM Inc., Japan

Dr. Takeyoshi Shimoji
Consultant Neurosurgeon & President- Okinawa Pref. Nanbu Medical Center and Children's Medical Center; Consultant Neurosurgeon, Amekudai Hospital, Okinawa, Japan
Title: Shimoji's Cranioplasty Yielding Life-quality Improvements in MIld Trigonocephaly (SCYLIMIT)

1701 - 1815

Interaction among delegates for preparation of the report on Institute visit to be presented the next day

1830 - 2000

Networking and sharing feedback from the participants over Dinner at the Cafeteria of the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Toyosu, Japan

TUESDAY, 23 October 2018

Day 3: Active Learning Delegates - Exclusive Program

0830 - 1200

Reporting of Institute visit and Interaction with Faculty of Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT)