NCRM NICHE 2018 will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 21st, 22nd & 23rd October 2018 . The Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Registration has been closed. NCRM NICHE thanks all the participants for the overwhelming response. For details click here

NCRM NICHE 2018 Passive Knowledge Gaining (PKG) events Registration

We thank you for your interest in participating as a Passive Knowledge Gaining (AKG) Event Delegate. You can register for attending the NCRM NICHE 2018 event on 21st October 2018 at Tokyo, Japan by following the instructions below.

PKG Event Delegate Registration

a. Students, Faculty, Scientists working in the field of Life Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary and Dental Sciences, Physicians of all Specialities and all those interested in this Evolving Science of Regenerative Medicine including members of the Public can Register as a PKG Event Delegate. PKG Event participants will be able to attend as delegates for the Plenary Lectures, IIDIAS Session and they will also serve as the audience for the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ), Oral viewing session on the day of the event 21st October 2018 at Tokyo, Japan.

b. Delegates have to enrol online.

c. Enrolment is open till 25th August 2018.

d. Upon enrolment you will be provided a Temporary Enrolment Number.

e. Registration confirmation will be done as follows:

Once the final participants of Active Knowledge Gaining (AKG) events (Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Elites and Oral Session Participants) are selected, based on the availability of seats, we will send you a notification enable you complete the formalities of registration for participating in the NCRM NICHE 2018. The notification will be sent to the email id which you have provided in the enrolment form.

PKG Event Delegate Registration Fee

Event Registration Fee


Early bird Registration (15 Mar 18 ~25 Aug 18)

Students (20-32 years old)*

JPY 5000 / USD 50

Students (above 32 years old)*

JPY 8000 / USD 80

Scholars/Professors/Scientists/Academic faculty#

JPY 12000 / USD 120

Industry/General Public

JPY 24000 / USD 2540

PKG Delegates enroling under the Students / Faculty categories are eligible for a waiver** provided they submit the waiver request form (Click here to download) by email following the instructions

Registration fee will include Admission to all sessions, Coffee-Tea breaks, Lunch and Attendance certificate on 21st October 2018

*All delegates registering as students must furnish a completed authorization letter from their institute after payment of the registration fee. Details will be available during registration fee payment.

** The NCRM NICHE 2018 Organizing Committe reserves the right to decide on the waiver (full or partial) based on the credentials.

#Delegates registering as Scholars/Professors/Scientists/Academic faculty may be required to produce authentication from institute to prove their affiliation/designation, when asked for.

The Anniversary Organizing Committee of NCRM NICHE 2018 will have the sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the organisation of the Event, the rules of the Event, the timings and the placings.

Click here to Enrol to participate as PKG Event Delegate

A valid Passport and other relevant documents are essential for delegates/selected participants for travel to Japan for the pre-final and final rounds of the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ)/Oral Presentation/Event Participation in NCRM NICHE 2018. For further information on such requirements, the delegates can contact/refer either the website or the concerned source of information of the Embassy/Mission of Japan in their local territory.

Click here to view the important dates and deadlines of the NCRM NICHE 2018 event.