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SUNDAY, 22 October 2017

Day 1: Active and Passive Learning Events

Nobel Laureate
Prof. Masatoshi Koshiba
has kindly consented to grace the Fujio Cup Award Ceremony

0745 - 0800

Welcome and Introductory remarks

0801 - 0945

Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Pre-final round

0946 - 1015

TEA/COFFEE and Networking

1016 - 1115
Plenary Lecture I

Prof. Jurgen Hescheler
Head, Neurophysiology, Univ. of Cologne, Germany
Pluripotent Stem Cells for Basic Research and Later Clinical Application

1116 - 1215
Plenary Lecture II

Prof. Takahiro Ochiya
Head, Molecular & Cellular Medicine, National Cancer Centre, Tokyo, Japan
Chemically induced liver progenitors (CLiPS); A small molecule triggered
bipotency and its potentials

1216 - 1315

LUNCH Break and Poster Viewing Session

1316 - 1440

Finals of the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ)

1441 - 1500

TEA/COFFEE and Networking

1501 - 1545
IIDIAS Session
Inter-Disciplinary Interactions and Solutions (IIDIAS) Session

Dr. Hiroshi Yoshioka
Mebiol Inc., Japan

Prof. Suryaprakash Vaddi
Virinchi Hospitals, Hyderabad, India

1546 - 1630
Plenary Lecture III

Prof. Gary Levy
Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Immunology and Surgery, Univ. of Toronto, Canada.
Use of autologous stem cells to restore tolerance in allo and auto immune disease

1631 - 1730

Valedictory function

MONDAY, 23 October 2017

Day 2: Active Learning Delegates - Exclusive Program

0830 - 1100

Visit to the Tokyo Women's Medical University - Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWIns)

Visit to Regenerative Medicine - state of the art facility including Animal Lab, Automation Systems, 3D Bioprinting, Molecular, Proteomics and Genomics Analystical Lab including an Interaction with Experts and a Lecture on Cell Sheet based Regenerative Medicine Application.

1300 - 1500

Visit to Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) and an Interactive Session with Engineering Students working on Healthcare Applications - NCRM NICHE Inter-Disciplinary Conclave (IDC)