Thanking all the delegates, FCQ Elites, Oral session & IDC presenters, Guest speakers, Moderators, Co-organizers: NCGM, SIT, GSZ, TPRM, Volunteers & Service providers for your contribution to NCRM NICHE 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. See you all in NCRM NICE 2018 on the 21 & 22 October 2018- The Organizing committee with NCRM, EELS, GNC & Genotec

SUNDAY, 22 October 2017

Day 1: Active and Passive Learning Events

Nobel Laureate
Prof. Masatoshi Koshiba
has kindly consented to grace the Fujio Cup Award Ceremony

0745 - 0800

Welcome and Introductory remarks

0801 - 0945

Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Pre-final round

0946 - 1015

TEA/COFFEE and Networking:

Tea and Coffee Pots will be placed in the foyer for self service by the delegates.
1016 - 1115
Plenary Lecture I

Prof. Jurgen Hescheler
Head, Neurophysiology, Univ. of Cologne, Germany
Pluripotent Stem Cells for Basic Research and Later Clinical Application

1116 - 1215
Plenary Lecture II

Prof. Takahiro Ochiya
Head, Molecular & Cellular Medicine, National Cancer Centre, Tokyo, Japan
Chemically induced liver progenitors (CLiPS); A small molecule triggered
bipotency and its potentials

1216 - 1315

LUNCH Break:

Japanese style lunch boxes will be served in the Floor B1 - Bien Mall cafeteria. Lunch boxes will be handed over in exchange of the Lunch Coupon available in their ID badge Pouche)
1316 - 1500

Finals of the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ)

1501 - 1515

TEA/COFFEE and Networking:

Tea and Coffee Pots will be placed in the foyer for self service by the delegates.
1516 - 1600
IIDIAS Session
Inter-Disciplinary Interactions and Solutions (IIDIAS) Session

Dr. Hiroshi Yoshioka
Mebiol Inc., Japan

Prof. Suryaprakash Vaddi
Virinchi Hospitals, Hyderabad, India

1601 - 1650
Plenary Lecture III

Prof. Gary Levy
Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Immunology and Surgery, Univ. of Toronto, Canada.
Use of autologous stem cells to restore tolerance in allo and auto immune disease


Dr. Shoji Fukuda
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, NCGM, Japan

1651 - 1730

Valedictory function

MONDAY, 23 October 2017

Day 2: Active Learning Delegates - Exclusive Program

0830 - 1100

Visit to Premier Institutes in Japan in two groups

Group 1: Visit to the Tokyo Women's Medical University - Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWIns)

Visit to Regenerative Medicine - state of the art facility including Animal Lab, Automation Systems, 3D Bioprinting, Molecular, Proteomics and Genomics Analystical Lab including an Interaction with Experts and a Lecture on Cell Sheet based Regenerative Medicine Application.

Group 2: Visit to Edogawa Hospital, EELS & BNCT Facility

Visit to this 85 years-old multi-speciality health care Institute with Art works along the corridor, patient friendly (for all ages) environment with several state of the art cancer therapy systems, followed by a presentation on the vision of EELS. (Edogawa Evolutionary Laboratory of Science).

1101 - 1200

Transportation to the Shibaura Institute, Toyosu Campus

1200 - 1300

LUNCH Break:

Lunch will be served in the Cafetaria located in the III Floor of the same building. A variety of menu will be available to choose and buy from
1301 - 1520
(each presentationn is for 8 mts followed by 4 mts for interaction)


Short Oral Presentations by NCRM NICHE Delegates working on Regenerative Medicine


1301 ~ 1305: Introductory Remarks

  1. 1306 ~ 1318 hrs: Functionalized carbon nanotubes as promising scaffold component for proliferation of canine mesenchymal stem cells: an alternative cellular model in regenerative medicine
    Dr. Kinsuk Das (West Bengal University of Animal And Fishery Sciences, India)

  2. 1319 ~ 1331 hrs: Comparative Expression Profile Of Major Prolificacy Genes In Ovarian Follicles At Various Developmental Stages In Goat Breeds Of Kerala
    Dr. Abhina Mohanan (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, India

  3. 1332 ~ 1344 hrs: Cytotoxic effect of Adenanthera pavonina seed extracts on cancer and normal cell lines
    Mr. Nair Ashish Dinesh (SRM University, India)

  4. 1345 ~ 1357 hrs: Improvement of Walking Mechanics will Improve Bone Quality in Postmenopausal Women
    Dr. Damayanti Tinduh (Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia)

Presentations by Physicists & Chemists from Japan on Healthcare related solutions


1358 ~ 1403: Introductory Remarks

  1. 1404 ~ 1416 hrs: IFabrication of pancreatic islet-like tissues utilizing ECM microparticles
    Ms. Mao Kameda (Bioprocess Chemistry and Engineering Laboratory, Chiba University, Japan)

  2. 1416 ~ 1428 hrs: Design of Peptide-Based Biointerface for Cell Membrane Immobilization on Graphite
    Mr. Soichiro Tatematsu (Mina Okochi Laboratory, Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tokyo institute of Technology, Japan)

  3. 1429 ~ 1441 hrs: The importance of sufficient oxygen supply to cultured cell layer through oxygen permeable membrane for hepatic differentiation of iPSCs
    Mr. Keiichi Kimura (Yasuyuki Sakai Laboratory, University of Tokyo, Japan)

  4. 1442 ~ 1454 hrs: Development of Drug-Monitoring Sensors with Polymer Memorizing Molecular Structure of The Targets
    Ms. Maki Seki, Mr. Haruto Eguchi, and Ms. Rina Yamaguchi (Yasuo Yoshimi laboratory, Dept. Applied Chemistry, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)

  5. 1455 ~ 1507 hrs: Development of fluorescent nano-probes for tracing neurotransmitters by molecular imprinting technology
    Ms. Risako Mori (Yasuo Yoshimi laboratory, Dept. Applied Chemistry, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)

  6. 1508 ~ 1520 hrs: "Neural LEGO Block" of Aplysia
    Ms. Sayuri Kibe and Mr. Soshi Ishida (Yasuo Yoshimi laboratory, Dept. Applied Chemistry, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)
1521 - 1541


Tea and Coffee Pots will be placed in the foyer for self service by the delegates.
1546 - 1615
Guest lecture I

Rev. Dr. Francis Xavier SJ
Gasson Professor, Boston College, MA, USA
Physics & Chemistry in unravelling the mysteries of Biology

1616 - 1700
Guest lecture II

Rev. Fr. Peter Balleis SJ
Head, Jesuit Worldwide Learning, Geneva, Switzerland
Conflicts of today and empowerment of the marginalized through higher education

1701 - 1800

Tour of Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT)

1801 - 2000

Networking Dinner & Feedback from the participants

Participation certificates will be issued during the event